Part 91 Management

Owning and operating a business aircraft is a complex and capital intensive evolution.  Pilots, training, fuel, maintenance tracking and many other operational requirements exist to coordinate and plan – all of which are time consuming and potentially expensive for aircraft principals.  ATC can provide a one-stop shop for the management of the operations, care and feeding of your aircraft.  We can tailor management plans around your desires, schedule and budget so that you can consolidate all of these tasks with one trusted manager.

Part 135 Management

For business aircraft owners who fly less than 200 hours per year, the opportunity to offset the cost of ownership and operations can be mitigated by generating revenue from Part 135 Charter Operations.  ATC is a licensed FAA Part 135 Air Carrier and can not only manage your aircraft for your own flight operations, but can operate your aircraft in our charter fleet to produce revenue rather than having your asset sit idle.  Allowing your aircraft to be used by other parties is not for every owner, but in many cases it can result in a more ownership benefits than detriments. 

Maintenance Tracking Services

Many private aircraft owners depend on part-time or contract maintenance providers and pilots as a way to keep cost of operations under control.  But one of the most important aspects of a safe and efficient private aviation operation is conducting proper maintenance and the ability to plan operations around scheduled maintenance events.  ATC can provide maintenance tracking services and ensure your aircraft is scheduled for maintenance at reliable shops with expertise in the type of aircraft that you own.  Within Europe, this service is a requirement for all Part 91 and Part 135 operators so that a qualified independent party can provide a second set of eyes on maintenance requirements for your aircraft.  Contact us to determine what level of support may be right for you and your flight operations.

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