Air Transport of the Carolinas is an approved Part 135 Air Charter Operation with Two (2) Aircraft on Certificate.

Navajo Chieftain, N27527

Maximum Capacity: 7 Passengers
Maximum Cruise Speed: 208 mph

Navajo Chieftain, N146J

Maximum Capacity: 7 Passengers
Maximum Cruise Speed: 208 mph




Endurance: Approximately 4 hours (800 Statue Miles)

Baggage Capacity: Forward 14 cubic ft, 200 lbs max Aft: 22 cubic ft, 200 lbs max

4.25 ft
Cabin height
9.8 ft
Cabin Length
3.7 ft
Cabin Width

For direct inquiries, contact our Charter Department 888.970.9510

Frequently Asked Questions

Private Air Charters

Are there any hidden fees?

At Air Transport of the Carolinas, we value transparency in all things. Our Reservation Specialist will schedule a consultation to gather necessary information about your trip so that we may provide you with a more accurate quote, which includes pricing options to help you stay within your budget.

How do you ensure my privacy?

Air Transport of the Carolinas maintains a strict policy of discretion and confidentiality.  The only passengers on board are those approved by the lead passenger. All information regarding any passengers, charter flight itineraries and items on board are confidential.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?

Flying chartered provides the freedom to set your own schedule. Depending on aircraft availability, routing of your flight itinerary and weather conditions, we can arrange to have a plane ready for you with as little as 6 hours notice. 

What documentation do I need for my flight?

You will need a government issued photo ID. If flying internationally, all passengers are required to carry a passport. All documentation must be presented to Our Charter Team to review prior to departure.  

What happens if there is bad weather?

Our Charter Team will monitor weather conditions throughout the entire flight process, from pre-departure to arrival, to ensure your safety. In the event weather conditions affect the safe operation of your aircraft, our charter team will assist you with making any changes needed to your travel accommodations.

Will there be a flight attendant on board?

Typically flight attendants are not used for flights with under 10 passengers. Our Charter Team will do everything in our power to cater to your special requests. We will make sure everything you need is on board before you depart. In-Flight Catering is available on board when ordered in advance. 

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